Synergy. That’s the power behind Biocidin.

Eighteen plants combine in a unique and exclusive blend that optimizes each plant's energetic and diverse qualities. When layered together, the sum is greater than its parts. Lasting synergistic effects promote a resilient microbiome and body.*

<p>Clinically Effective. Evidence Based.</p><p>Clinically Effective. Evidence Based.</p> - Mobile image

Clinically Effective. Evidence Based.

Our proprietary botanical blend of 18 plant extracts and essential oils contains a powerhouse of activity.

Since 1989, Biocidin® has stood the test of time and scientific scrutiny. Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratories (now Genova Diagnostics) called it “one of the most effective natural formulations” they’ve ever tested. Published and ongoing research confirms its efficacy year after year.

Same great formula now with 99% organic ingredients

Ingredient quality matters. Year after year, we look for ways to improve our products, including increasing the percentage of organic ingredients.

<p>Biocidin Liquid</p><p>Biocidin Liquid</p> - Mobile image

Biocidin Liquid

The botanical blend that started it all – ideal for addressing gastrointestinal and systemic imbalance.* Biocidin® Liquid is a stand-alone product and a foundational ingredient in five more. Now with 99% organic ingredients!
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<p>Biocidin Capsules</p><p>Biocidin Capsules</p> - Mobile image

Biocidin Capsules

Always the go-to for convenience, Biocidin® Capsules are now even easier to use. Increased potency in each capsule means fewer pills to take. And one bottle lasts longer! Initial titration with Biocidin® Liquid is recommended for sensitive patients.
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<p>Biocidin LSF</p><p>Biocidin LSF</p> - Mobile image

Biocidin LSF

Our most bioavailable formulation. Thanks to liposomal technology, Biocidin® LSF is the choice when microbial imbalances are hard to reach or urgent. All the power of our Biocidin® Botanical Blend – with advanced absorption.
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<p>Biocidin TS Throat Spray</p><p>Biocidin TS Throat Spray</p> - Mobile image

Biocidin TS Throat Spray

Biocidin® TS daily herbal throat spray is ideal for on-the-go immune support.* Just a few sprays toward the back of your throat give a soothing, protective boost. Our research shows an increase in immune response in just 60 seconds.
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<p>Dentalcidin</p><p>Dentalcidin</p> - Mobile image


Dentalcidin® Oral Microbiome Toothpaste and Dentalcidin® LS Oral Rinse bring the power of the Biocidin® Botanical Blend to the mouth, the gateway to whole-body health. Natural, plant-based, and fluoride-free. A breakthrough in oral care!
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Supporting microbial balance was Rachel Fresco’s guiding principle as she formulated Biocidin® in the late 1980s. The result was a uniquely powerful botanical blend that achieves that goal – and then some!

One of the remarkable traits of botanicals is that individual extracts and essential oils have multiple activities.

Here we show the Biocidin Botanical Blend’s main benefits and the primary botanicals that drive them.

Supports Microbial Balance* Biofilm Disruptors* Immunomodulatory* Supports Healthy Inflammatory Resonse* Antioxidant/Tissue Repair*
Black Walnut
Golden Seal
Grape seed
Milk Thistle
Tea Tree
White Willow Bark

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