Bio-Botanical Research® Launches Newly Branded Biocidin Botanicals™, Debuts Thoughtfully Categorized Product Line, New Platform “Microbes Matter Most™” 

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Aptos, CA, April 28, 2022 – Bio-Botanical Research®, Inc., a legacy brand valued by Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioners for over 30 years, has just rebranded as Biocidin Botanicals™. With a new name, new look, and simplified categories for their clinically effective botanical products, they continue to be industry leaders serving health professionals and their patients.

Biocidin Botanicals™ was addressing microbiome health long before the term “microbiome” was a buzzword. They know that Microbes Matter Most™ and focus on integrative botanical solutions that matter the most.  

Health Professionals rely on Biocidin Botanicals™ to provide their patients with powerful, plant-based solutions. The company’s flagship product, Biocidin®, combines 18 herbs and essential oils to support microbiome balance and works in both the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and for systemic applications. 

“The exciting thing about botanical medicine is that the plants have such far-reaching effects,” shares Rachel Fresco, Biocidin Botanicals™ Founder and Formulator. “When layered together in a formula, a powerful synergy occurs.” 

These formulations aim to achieve optimal health by maintaining balanced microbial ecology and are now conveniently grouped into five categories of functional activity: Remove, Bind, Restore, Defend, and Smile. This categorization was created for practitioners to simplify the path to wellness and support patient compliance.

  •  Remove products include Biocidin®, a broad-spectrum botanical blend, in three delivery systems – liquid, capsule, and liposomal formula. Biocidin® is focused on clearing away unwanted microbes, irritants, and biofilms.
  • Bind product G.I. Detox™+ detoxifies the body by intercepting and eliminating unwanted toxins and microbial byproducts. 
  • This allows the two Restore formulas – Proflora™ 4R, a spore-based probiotic, and Biotonic™, a daily adaptogenic elixir – to bring balance and healing through targeted herbal blends.
  • Defend products are Biocidin® TS, a daily herbal throat spray, and Olivirex®, a high-potency olive leaf formula. They use the power of botanicals to reinforce immune activity and support resiliency.
  • Smile products – Dentalcidin™, a broad-spectrum toothpaste, and Dentalcidin™ LS, an oral microbiome liposomal rinse – contain Biocidin® and create the foundation for a balanced microbiome by removing plaque and unwanted oral bacteria.

This evidence-based professional product line prioritizes quality and transparency. All Biocidin Botanicals™ products are free of common allergens, unnecessary fillers and excipients, and artificial colorings and flavorings.  

Additionally, Biocidin Botanicals™ offers clinical support for healthcare providers through its online educational hub, Biocidin® Academy. Here, health professionals access personalized training, webinars, and scientific research, including clinical trials and case studies.


Biocidin Botanicals™ is a leader in botanical supplements and a pioneer in the arena of microbiome health. Its flagship broad-spectrum botanical blend Biocidin® was formulated in 1989 in response to challenging health conditions related to microbial imbalances. More than 30 years later, the company offers a curated line of targeted support products to boost patient health. Healthcare practitioners have utilized these clinically effective, evidence-based products for over three decades to help millions of patients achieve vibrant health and wellness. Biocidin Botanicals™ will continue to lead the way in functional and integrative medicine through its plant-powered products. Visit their website or check them out on Instagram or LinkedIn for more information.

Microbes Matter Most™ 

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