We believe:

Our choices matter when we care for each other and the planet.
Using wisdom and collaboration, we embrace sustainable, regenerative,
and progressive efforts to benefit humankind and the planet.

<p>Be Kind to Humans</p><p>Be Kind to Humans</p> - Mobile image

Be Kind to Humans

It matters how we treat the people we work with, as well as practitioners, patients, customers – and everyone we meet.

Our current efforts include:

  • Spreading health and happiness through philanthropic efforts
  • Expanding opportunities for practitioners to learn and collaborate
  • Encouraging a healthy staff work/life balance, including closing at 1pm on Fridays in alignment with our core value of nurturing employees
<p>Partner Wisely</p><p>Partner Wisely</p> - Mobile image

Partner Wisely

Partnerships matter. We seek to create and maintain partnerships that help further our human- and Earth-centered missions. 

Our current efforts include:

<p>Resource with Care</p><p>Resource with Care</p> - Mobile image

Resource with Care

The Earth is our friend and partner. How we treat her matters. We make concerted efforts to select resources wisely and be scrupulous when purchasing goods and services for company operations.

Our current efforts include:

  • Transitioning packing materials to recyclable and biodegradable options
  • Prioritizing printing on recycled materials
<p>Conserve Energy</p><p>Conserve Energy</p> - Mobile image

Conserve Energy

What we do daily matters. We seek to conserve energy in all possible ways for our business operations. 

Our current efforts include:

  • Converting warehouse and offices to LED lighting
  • Installing low-flow fixtures in warehouse and offsite facility
  • Upgrading warehouse and office thermal efficiency

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Our Future Starts Now

As we head into the future, we hope you’ll partner with us to create a more harmonious relationship with each other and the Earth. 
And remember – our choices matter.