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Microbes Matter Most™

The microbiome holds the key to health

Why Do Microbes Matter Most?

Our bodies are host to literally trillions of microbes – more than the stars in the Milky Way, more than our own cells. As they go about their lives, they influence ours.

Only in the last few decades have we begun to understand the magnitude of these small passengers. The term “microbiome” (first used in the scientific community in the late 1980s) surged in public awareness over the last 20 years. It describes the microorganisms coexisting in our bodies – bacteria, viruses, fungi. 

<p>Microbes play a vital role in whole-body health</p><p>Microbes play a vital role in whole-body health</p> - Mobile image

Microbes play a vital role in whole-body health

Scientists eager to explore this new realm have provided a wealth of research – over 100,000 studies. Proof of the vital role microbes play in whole-body health. They simultaneously foster the development of immune competence and tolerance.

Providing us with benefits we are only beginning to grasp – hydration, nutrient synthesis, protection against invaders, tissue healing, and more. In short, we need them.

<p>A delicate balance</p><p>A delicate balance</p> - Mobile image

A delicate balance

The vast majority of microbes reside in the gastrointestinal tract. But microbes also live in and influence other parts of the body. From the mouth to the skin, to the bladder, and even the middle ear, each niche in the body houses a unique and delicate blend of microorganisms.

<p>Good bugs gone bad </p><p>Good bugs gone bad </p> - Mobile image

Good bugs gone bad

But not all microorganisms bring benefitsbalance is essential. What happens when balance is lost? Dysbiosis. Our bodies not only lose the benefits the good guys bring, they have an additional mountain of metabolic refuse to manage – thanks to opportunists or invaders, or both. 

Dysbiosis, wherever it occurs, has system-wide effects. That’s why gut health is foundational care in Integrative Medicine. And why the oral microbiome is emerging as a crucial part of routine care.

The Natural Solution

At Biocidin Botanicals, we understand that microbes are not an enemy to be eliminated but an ecology to be nourished. How do we do that?

By working with the gift of botanicals.

<p>A powerful synergy</p><p>A powerful synergy</p> - Mobile image

A powerful synergy

Each plant offers multiple activities – and when layered together in a formula – a powerful synergy occurs. Imagine the combination of microbiome-balancing support, augmented by activity against biofilms and protective antioxidant action. The outcome is not additive but exponential!

Botanicals offer a graceful and mighty solution that cannot be duplicated. The power to achieve and maintain balance. The power to thrive. 

<p>Botanicals that address today’s complex health needs with simplicity</p><p>Botanicals that address today’s complex health needs with simplicity</p> - Mobile image

Botanicals that address today’s complex health needs with simplicity

Because microbes matter most, we focus on integrated botanical solutions that matter the most. These tiny plant constituents deliver substantial benefits at the intersection of human physiology and the microbiome. It's why thousands of practitioners have relied on our products for more than 30 years with tangible, sometimes astounding, results. Clinically effective, evidence-based solutions to address today’s complex needs with simplicity.

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