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Categories of Functional Activity

Begin by selecting one or all of the following categories — created to make the pathway clear. Each contributing a vital activity. Use them alone or in concert, for the most basic to most challenging health concern.  


Clear away obstacles. Entrenched biofilms and unwanted organisms can create an obstacle that requires outside assistance. The vital first step is to clear away irritants, unwanted microbes and biofilms – allowing the body’s innate restorative ability to go to work.



Intercept and eliminate toxins. How can you make toxin removal safe and even comfortable? Pull out debris. Intercept and eliminate unwanted toxins and microbial byproducts. Detoxification done right.



Bring balance and healing. Undesirable microbes create imbalances, even disorder. The effort to restore harmony requires ongoing renewal – and that’s where our botanicals and nutrients shine. Plants unite with the body to revive and strengthen – cultivating microbial diversity, healthy digestion, nutrient absorption, and sustained well-being.



Optimize Resilience. In the face of novel microbes, or if the body is weakened, we need to call in the troops. Humans have relied on plants for eons to balance and reinforce immune activity. To rouse the body’s vital force. To prime the immune pump for opposition. Together, the body and botanicals bolster defenses to co-create optimal resilience.



Promote oral health. We’ve created one-of-a-kind, research-backed oral care products. Serious science transformed into action – clearing unwanted oral microbes, cultivating beneficial flora, and supporting healthy teeth and gums. It’s foundational Dentaceutical® care with a systemic reach. Because whole-body health begins in the mouth.


<p>Botanicals that address today’s complex health needs with simplicity</p><p>Botanicals that address today’s complex health needs with simplicity</p> - Mobile image

Botanicals that address today’s complex health needs with simplicity

Complex protocols and complex instructions are not always conducive to success, so we keep things simple. Products that work and instructions that make sense.

The path to health at Biocidin Botanicals rests on simple, natural solutions for our times.

<p>A different kind of cleanse</p><p>A different kind of cleanse</p> - Mobile image

A different kind of cleanse

Our Bioclear® Microbiome Detox Program is detox done right!  In just 30 days, three synergistic products go to work balancing the microbiome for a deep, restorative cleanse.*

<p>Microbes Matter Most</p><p>Microbes Matter Most</p> - Mobile image

Microbes Matter Most

Only in the last few decades have we begun to understand the magnitude of these small passengers. The term “microbiome” (first used in the scientific community in the late 1980s) surged in public awareness over the last 20 years. It describes the microorganisms coexisting in our bodies – bacteria, viruses, fungi. ...

<p>Caring and collaboration:<br/>a partnership for health</p><p>Caring and collaboration:<br/>a partnership for health</p> - Mobile image

Caring and collaboration:
a partnership for health

We gladly share our decades of experience and research in microbes and biofilms with leading clinical institutions, professional associations, and healthcare professionals from around the world. We are committed to furthering the knowledge of the effect microbiota have on whole-body health. That’s why we started with and continue to focus on microbes. Yes, they are microscopic, but understanding their interaction within the human body is essential to protecting and restoring health.

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Biocidin Botanicals focuses on the microbiome, which is something we’ve been doing since 1989.

You could say that we were into microbes before microbes were cool.

Recently, research about the microbiome has exploded. The microbiome is connected to every bodily system – and an unhealthy microbiome is a risk factor for most chronic illnesses. So our focus not only makes sense, it’s essential to human health.

Clinically effective. Evidence based.

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