Bioclear™ Cleansing Program

A Different Kind of Cleanse

Bioclear™ Cleansing Program

A Different Kind of Cleanse

Why choose our cleanse

When it comes to your health, microbes matter most. That's why the Bioclear™ Cleansing Program focuses on microbial balance. Microorganisms make up 57% of your body’s total cell count. And most of those reside in your gut microbiome.

The right balance of flourishing microorganisms in your gut microbiome is key to your great health.

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A lot to look forward to

The benefits of a cleanse are personal, meaningful, and often visible. Good news, right? The changes you see on the outside reflect the deep restorative process happening on the inside. What can you expect?

After successfully completing the Bioclear™ Cleansing Program, people say they experience changes from glowing skin and weight loss to increased energy.*

It’s all about balance

The Bioclear™ Cleansing Program is based on a synergistic process focused on your gut microbiome. Three of our laboratory-tested, clinically researched supplements go to work in your body to REMOVE, BIND, and RESTORE.

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Clear away obstacles. Entrenched biofilms and unwanted organisms can create an obstacle that requires outside assistance. That’s where Biocidin®, our signature, proprietary formula comes in. It’s a great-tasting, synergistic blend of botanical extracts and essential oils. It targets your entire GI tract – dismantling and clearing irritants, unwanted microbes, and biofilms while enhancing beneficial organisms.*

This allows your body’s innate restorative ability to go to work.

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How can you make toxin removal safe and even comfortable? As Biocidin® does its cleansing work, the gentle, comprehensive binders in G.I. Detox™+ intercept unwanted microbial byproducts and clear them through elimination in the stool.* This step is essential for microbial balance. It’s also key to your comfort as you progress through your cleanse!

The binding agents in G.I. Detox™+ have long been used in traditional medicine. They are also well-supported by modern research.

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Undesirable microbes create imbalances, even disorder. The effort to restore harmony requires ongoing renewal — and that’s where our botanicals and nutrients come in. Not just for your cleanse, but for every day, Proflora™4R is key to encouraging microbial diversity in your microbiome. To offer provisions that allow your body to establish balance.

Proflora™4R also produces beneficial byproducts, including B vitamins, Vitamin K2, antioxidants, and enzymes. All in just one capsule a day!

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For in-depth information see our Bioclear™Cleansing Program Lifestyle Guide.

Bioclear™ Cleansing Program

Includes: Biocidin®, G.I. Detox™+, and Proflora™4R.

Tips for choosing your Biocidin® formulation:
Biocidin® Liquid: Focused on the gut, starting in the mouth.

Biocidin® Capsules: Focused on the gut. Ideal for travel.

Biocidin® LSF: Absorbs quickly for whole-body action.