Oral Microbiome Toothpaste


Whole-Body Health Begins in the Mouth

Dentalcidin® professional-strength toothpaste is powered by Biocidin® 18. This broad-spectrum blend of botanicals balances the oral microbiome and supports the removal of harmful microorganisms. Dentalcidin® toothpaste tackles plaque, whitens teeth and freshens breath.

  • Natural, plant-based, and fluoride-free
  • Refreshing natural mint flavor

For the greatest benefit, use Dentalcidin® toothpaste with Dentalcidin® LS Liposomal Rinse.


  • Powered by Biocidin® 18
  • 100% Plant-Based | Made without animal products
  • Fluoride-Free, and free of artificial ingredients
  • Refreshing natural mint flavor
  • Suitable for adults and children 2 years and older


  • Supports oral microbiome balance for whole-body health*
  • Broad-spectrum botanicals with antioxidant and tissue-soothing activity*
  • Assists in removing oral biofilms (plaque)
  • Gentle, effective cleaning
  • Whitens teeth and freshens breath

A Little Goes a Long Way

Brush with Dentalcidin® 2-3 times daily. Formulated for use with Dentalcidin® LS Liposomal rinse for maximum results.


Ingredients: Sorbitol, Water, Biocidin (Bilberry fruit extract, Grape seed extract, Shiitake mushroom extract, Goldenseal root, Noni fruit extract, Garlic bulb, White Willow bark, Milk Thistle seed, Raspberry fruit, Echinacea Purpurea plant extract, Echinacea Angustifolia root, Black Walnut hull, Black Walnut leaf, Lavender oil, Oregano oil, Galbanum oil, Tea Tree oil, Fumitory aerial parts extract, Gentian Lutea root), Vegetable glycerin, Hydrated silica, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Tocopherol, Natural organic flavor, Cellulose Gum, Peppermint oil, Aloe, Cinnamon oil, Tangerine fruit extract, Bitter orange fruit extract, Sweet orange peel extract, Ascorbic acid, Citric acid, Lactic Acid, Clove oil, Tea Tree oil

This product is made without dairy, gluten, soy, corn, animal products, artificial coloring or flavoring. Contains walnut.

<p>Serious science behind every smile™</p><p>Serious science behind every smile™</p> - Mobile image

Serious science behind every smile™

Find out how the broad-spectrum botanicals in Dentalcidin™ toothpaste and oral rinse tackle dental plaque and keep teeth feeling clean all day.*


Promote oral health. That’s why we’ve created one-of-a-kind oral health care products. Products with a systemic reach. With demonstrated activity to clear away unwanted oral microbes, and plaque (biofilms). Foundational care for lasting balance in the microbiome. It all begins here.


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