Oral Care System

Oral Microbiome Toothpaste and Liposomal Rinse
  • Powered by Biocidin®
  • Professional strength and fluoride-free
  • 100% plant-based and free of artificial ingredients
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<p>Benefits of the Dentalcidin Oral Care System</p><p>Benefits of the Dentalcidin Oral Care System</p> - Mobile image

Benefits of the Dentalcidin Oral Care System


  • Whitens teeth and freshens breath
  • Keeps teeth feeling smooth and clean all day
  • Assists in removing oral biofilms (plaque)*
  • Supports periodontal and gingival health*
  • Supports oral microbiome balance for whole-body health*
  • Gentle, effective cleaning – suitable for sensitive teeth
See how it works

Two-Step Dentaceutical Solution

More than just toothpaste and mouthwash, Dentalcidin® and Dentalcidin® LS are Dentaceuticals™ – natural dental formulations that improve the health of teeth and gums, ultimately supporting whole-body wellness.

STEP 1 | Brush with

  • Dentalcidin® Oral Microbiome Toothpaste
  • USAGE A little goes a long way!
    Brush with Dentalcidin 2-3 times daily

STEP 2 | Rinse with

  • Dentalcidin® LS Liposomal Rinse
  • USAGE Swish with 2 pumps for 1-2 minutes, then spit. Use 2-3 times daily after brushing and flossing.
<p>Powered by Biocidin</p><p>Powered by Biocidin</p> - Mobile image

Powered by Biocidin

What sets our Dentalcidin® Oral Care System apart is the microbial-balancing power of our legacy, broad-spectrum formula Biocidin®.

  • Liposomal technology for deeper penetration in the periodontal area*
  • CoQ10, quercetin, clove, and myrrh support gum and gingival health*
  • Perfect for use after flossing to help prevent translocation of harmful microorganisms*
  • Supports oral microbiome balance for whole-body health*
  • Broad-spectrum botanicals with tissue-soothing and biofilm-disrupting activity*

Typical sample from under the gumline.

The bugs stop here!

The oral microbiome is a collection of microorganisms in the mouth, both harmful and beneficial. What grows in the mouth is swallowed and may go on to grow in the gut.

Research using phase-contrast microscopy shows how Dentalcidin® LS utilizes liposomal technology to clear unwanted microbes in dental plaque.

This effectively supports oral microbiome balance and, ultimately, whole-body health.

I want to try this system

Whole-body health begins in your mouth

Research shows that oral health sets the stage for systemic health. The Dentalcidin® Oral Care System is a breakthrough in oral care. A natural solution that supports fresh breath, healthy gums, and clean white teeth, all while preserving oral microbial balance for whole-body health.*

A balanced oral microbiome supports:


Promote oral health. We’ve created one-of-a-kind, research-backed oral care products. Serious science transformed into action – clearing unwanted oral microbes, cultivating beneficial flora, and supporting healthy teeth and gums. It’s foundational Dentaceutical® care with a systemic reach. Because whole-body health begins in the mouth.


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