As of 7/1/23 sales tax is collected on taxable products shipping to CA, PA and TX for wholesale and retail customers. Sales tax will be waived for wholesale customers who have a resale/exemption certificate on file with us.

    Sales tax is also collected on drop-ship orders shipping to: IL, IN, OH, NC, VA, WI, WA, MN, GA unless we have a resale certificate on file from either your home state or the destination state. Providing a resale certificate from your home state will exempt all of your wholesale orders in all states.

    As of 10/1/23 we will begin collecting sales tax on wholesale orders in the following states unless a resale certificate is on file: IL, IN, OH, NC, VA, WI, WA, MN, GA. 

    Click here to upload your completed resale/exemption certificate.

    Resale/Exemption Certificates by State:

    Our corporate information:

    • TIN: 77-0332845 
    • Corporate Name: Bio-Botanical Research, Inc.
    • Address: 18 Hangar Way, Watsonville, CA 95076