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Chewable Probiotics for Oral Health |  Smile Category
To maintain or support a healthy oral microbiome and periodontal health.
Best for: General oral health care, periodontal or gingival concerns, bad breath, poor oral hygiene.

Immune Chews with Biocidin, Elderberry and Zinc  |  Defend Category
To support a healthy and robust immune response to seasonal or daily challenges due to environmental exposures.
Best for: Optimizing immune system function, exposure to seasonal microbial challenges, chronic immune system challenges. 

Nasal Spray with Biocidin & Xylitol  |  Remove Category
To support a healthy immune response and microbial balance in the nasal and sinus cavities. 
Best for: Chronic sinusitis and congestion, positive nasal cultures, MARCoNS positive, seasonal and upper respiratory challenges.

Digestive Enzyme Capsules  |  Restore Category
To support optimal and efficient digestion of macronutrients from daily meals. 
Best for: Indigestion, post-meal abdominal discomfort, gas and bloating, reflux, nutrient insufficiencies or deficiencies.

Postbiotic with Butyrate |  Restore Category
To support and restore healthy GI function, microbiome balance, healthy immune response, healthy inflammatory balance.
Best for: GI dysfunction and challenges, dysbiosis or microbial imbalance, weakened or imbalance immune function, general health and wellness.

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