Caring, Wisdom, and Collaboration

They’re our values – and we live them.

Here, we protect and support each other as we go about the work of protecting and supporting health in the face of today’s complex challenges.

Are you one of us?
Read on and learn more about the benefits of working at Biocidin Botanicals.

<p>Our values</p><p>Our values</p> - Mobile image

Our values

Many companies have values. The difference at Biocidin Botanicals? We live them.
Listen to Maria Ackerman our CEO explain.

At Biocidin Botanicals, you’ll find:

Brainy nature-lovers eager to show up to work.
An atmosphere of curiosity and an excitement about what science will reveal today.
A deep caring for each individual and the gifts they bring – both to the human experience and the work.

Of our team works from our<br/>Santa Cruz Location Of our team works from our<br/>Santa Cruz Location - Mobile image

Some of our team work full or part time from our Santa Cruz location

Of our team works from our<br/>Santa Cruz Location Of our team works from our<br/>Santa Cruz Location - Mobile image

A larger portion of our team work remote or hybrid

The perks

We’re a heart-centered company. It describes the way we feel about our customers, how we approach our work, and the motivation behind the generous perks our team enjoys.

<p>Afternoon-free Fridays</p><p>Afternoon-free Fridays</p> - Mobile image

Afternoon-free Fridays

Our offices close at 1 pm Friday, so everyone can get a headstart on the weekend. It’s up to you what you’ll do with those four free hours. Work is definitely not an option, but you’ll still get paid!

<p>Holidays & time off</p><p>Holidays & time off</p> - Mobile image

Holidays & time off

We offer 15 paid holidays plus a free personal day to take whenever you like. Throw in an accelerated vacation accrual schedule, and you’ll find you have plenty of time for all the things you love.

<p>Free products</p><p>Free products</p> - Mobile image

Free products

Health and wellness is at the heart of what we do. Employees receive a substantial yearly stipend to use on the incredible natural products we all work on together.

We freakin’ love this company!

We are a far-flung team but closely connected. In addition to the usual online meetings and messaging, we get creative – even enjoying company-wide gatherings complete with costumes, games, and a free lunch. When one employee said, “I freakin’ love this company,” our team mantra was born.

<p>Come work with us</p><p>Come work with us</p> - Mobile image

Come work with us

Please explore our job openings – and bookmark this page to check later, because we are a small but growing company!