Bioclear Microbiome Detox Program


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Why choose our cleanse?

When it comes to your health, microbes matter most. That's why the Bioclear™ Microbiome Detox Program focuses on microbial balance. Microorganisms make up 57% of your body’s total cell count. And most of those reside in your gut microbiome.

The right balance of flourishing microorganisms in your gut microbiome is key to your great health.

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For in-depth information see our Bioclear™ Microbiome Detox Program Lifestyle Guide.

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Renew and reset – naturally

When you detox with Bioclear™, your body benefits from the deep restorative process happening on the inside. This powerful and all-natural microbial reset supports healthy digestion and elimination and can reduce bloating* 

Supercharge your detox even more by making the healthy diet and lifestyle changes recommended in the Bioclear Lifestyle Guide. People who complete the Bioclear™ Microbiome Detox Program annually and adopt a healthy lifestyle often report experiencing more energy, healthier moods, and sharpened mental clarity.*

It’s all about balance

The Bioclear™ Microbiome Detox Program is based on a synergistic process focused on your gut microbiome. Three of our laboratory-tested, clinically researched supplements go to work in your body to REMOVE, BIND, and RESTORE.

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Clear away obstacles. Entrenched biofilms and unwanted organisms can create an obstacle that requires outside assistance. That’s where Biocidin®, our signature, proprietary formula comes in. It’s a great-tasting, synergistic blend of botanical extracts and essential oils. It targets your entire GI tract – dismantling and clearing irritants, unwanted microbes, and biofilms while enhancing beneficial organisms.*

This allows your body’s innate restorative ability to go to work.

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How can you make toxin removal safe and even comfortable? As Biocidin® does its cleansing work, the gentle, comprehensive binders in G.I. Detox™+ intercept unwanted microbial byproducts and clear them through elimination in the stool.* This step is essential for microbial balance. It’s also key to your comfort as you progress through your cleanse!

The binding agents in G.I. Detox™+ have long been used in traditional medicine. They are also well-supported by modern research.

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Undesirable microbes create imbalances, even disorder. The effort to restore harmony requires ongoing renewal — and that’s where our botanicals and nutrients come in. Not just for your cleanse, but for every day, Proflora™4R is key to encouraging microbial diversity in your microbiome. To offer provisions that allow your body to establish balance.

Proflora™4R also produces beneficial byproducts, including B vitamins, Vitamin K2, antioxidants, and enzymes. All in just one capsule a day!

Bioclear™ Microbiome Detox Program

Includes: Biocidin®, G.I. Detox™+, and Proflora™4R.

Tips for choosing your Biocidin® formulation:
Biocidin® Liquid: Focused on the gut, starting in the mouth.

Biocidin® Capsules: Focused on the gut. Ideal for travel.

Biocidin® LSF: Absorbs quickly for whole-body action.