Think there is no way to naturally stimulate rapid immune response? Think again! Biocidin®TS is an easy-to-use throat spray that contains our proprietary Biocidin® botanical blend. It was the subject of a human clinical trial – the gold standard in science.1 Participants (athletes tested post-workout) showed a rapid increase in immune activity within 60 minutes of use. A soothing, protective boost – so unique we patented it.*

Biocidin®TS throat spray empowers you. Clear clinical support for a healthy immune response – giving your body what it needs to do its best work.*

1Bellar, D., Aldret, R. A., Judge, L. W. (2018). The Effects of a Botanical Blend on Post-Exercise Mucosal Antimicrobial Proteins. Journal of Athletic Enhancement, (7) 5, 1-5.

Because research shows that Microbes Matter®