Clinical Considerations for Chronic Candidiasis

Some of the most challenging cases we see in clinical practice are patients who carry a constellation of vague yet debilitating symptoms. Headache, fatigue, mood fluctuations, pain, sleep issues, brain fog – all commonly seen in clinical practice – are some of the trickiest conditions for identifying a clear therapeutic direction. Often, our foundational tools of addressing diet, exercise, sleep, and stress result in significant improvement. But sometimes patients plateau or do not respond. Chronic overgrowth of microorganisms, including Candida, can be a contributing factor. Assessing and addressing microbial balance can bring your patients to a whole new level of well-being. Please join OAT Interpretation Expert Dr. Kurt Woeller and Dr. Jocelyn Strand, Biocidin’s Director of Clinical Education, for a conversation about the clinical aspects of candidiasis and the outcome of pilot research conducted using Biocidin®LSF, Olivirex®, and G.I. Detox™+. (presented in 2021)