Brain Inflammation: Case Study

Patient Data: A female patient presented with symptoms of early dementia, insomnia, pre-diabetes, and prior mold exposure from a water damaged home.

Case History: Patient’s evaluation began in November 2018, and diagnostic findings revealed neurocognitive decline with a Mini Mental Status Exam (MME) 15/30 and qEEG showing neuroinflammation. Dr. Pamela Hyde, the patient's practitioner, implemented an AIM Wellness 90-day rest protocol. In April 2019, Great Plains Laboratory testing was done (organic acid testing, mycotoxin testing, and environmental exposure testing). The patient was positive for dysbiosis with Clostridia overgrowth and was positive for both mycotoxins and systemic Candida overgrowth.

Protocol: Dr. Hyde initiated the Bioclear™ Microbiome Cleansing Program (formerly the Bioclear Cleansing Program) with Biocidin Liquid; G.I. Detox™+ (a binder); and Proflora™4R (a spore-based probiotic), following the recommended label usage.

Outcome: In January 2020, the qEEG showed improved brain parameters, including the alpha peak; much improved theta and delta power; and improved neuroinflammation. Brain processing speed; consistency and focus; and decreased anxiety were also noted, in addition to an improved MME of 19/30.