What Is a Dentaceutical?

Dentaceutical ® noun
den • tuh • soo • tuh • kl

Natural dental formulations that improve the health of teeth and gums, ultimately supporting whole-body wellness.

If you’ve never heard of this term, don’t be surprised. We made it up.

Seriously, we created the term dentaceutical because no term existed to describe what we knew to be seriously important: natural dental products that support whole-body wellness.

What’s Going On In Your Mouth

You have all these bacteria in your mouth. We all do. (It’s not just you!) When you consider that bacteria grow in your mouth, and then you swallow around a liter of spit each day (Ewwww), this bacteria can move into other parts of your body and run amuck, causing some serious problems. So, where do you start?

In your mouth! 

Natural Dental Products to the Rescue

A great way to handle bacteria in your mouth is to bring in plant-based reinforcements. Oral healthcare products with botanically derived ingredients restore microbial balance in the mouth without harsh chemicals.

Natural ingredients are just as effective (and gentler!) at cleaning your teeth and freshening your breath. They’re tough on plaque biofilm, but great for sensitive teeth, too. And with all-natural ingredients, you avoid artificial colorings, flavorings, and dyes.

Ever hear of echinacea, milk thistle, bilberry extract, goldenseal, and lavender? Those are just a few of the plants that have been shown to help balance all that bacteria in your mouth. They also go to work supporting healthy gums and keeping plaque from forming. (No fuzzy teeth? Score!)

Use What Works (And Not What Doesn’t)

As for mouthwash, we all know it can be hogwash! Often it kills the good bacteria along with the bad. But natural ingredients in an oral rinse will enhance the benefits of a botanically based toothpaste, all while preserving the beneficial bacteria in your mouth. 

Throw in ingredients like aloe vera, CoQ10, quercetin, and myrrh, and you get tissue-soothing and antioxidant effects in your rinse as well! (Ahhh… spa day in your mouth.)

Back to Our New Word …

So the next time you’re hanging out talking about your oral care (because this is what we all do, right?), slip your new word into the conversation: “I’ve been trying these new dentaceuticals, and I have to say I’m impressed.” You’ll look smart. 

And, besides, it’s just a blast to say: dentaceutical. Say it three times fast. (We’ll wait.)

Fun, right?