Five Everyday Uses for Binders (You May Not Know About)

When do you use a binder? (You know – a supplement designed to grab and hang on to toxins.) Probably when you’re doing a cleanse, right? Go after the bad stuff, bind it up, and clear it out of your system.

But did you know there are some instances outside of a cleanse where you might want to use a binder?

It’s true! You can use a binder when you want to neutralize something in your gut. STAT!

The Five Uses

  • Food Sensitivities

    • Oh no! You were out, and the restaurant swore your meal was gluten-free. But now your body is feeling like a giant donut. 
    • You succumbed to your sister-in-law’s famous guacamole, and now you’re paying the price for eating raw onions. 
  • Toxic Exposure 

    • Your neighbor is battling dandelions and resorted to spraying with chemical pesticides. When you opened your window for fresh air, you got more than you bargained for. 
    • An hour-long traffic jam not only tests your patience, the exhaust fumes tax your liver.
    • You love your book club, but another evening spent breathing in scented candles at Blake’s house has you considering resigning your spot in the group.
  • Food Poisoning

    • Those deep-fried clams at the street fair were good going down, but now you’re down and out!
  • Food Intolerance

    • You know the histamine in that kombucha or Caesar salad may make you bloated or headachy – but you want to enjoy it anyway.
    • The same goes for the lactose in your daily frappuccino or latte.
  • Overindulgence

    • That wine trolley tour was a blast. And you’re not too proud to admit it. There’s a slight chance you had just one too many tastes of that incredible pinot noir!

Save Your Day With a Binder

These are the times when a formula containing a variety of binders is your best friend. They provide broad-spectrum support, so no matter where your day goes awry, you have an ally to keep you more comfortable.

And guess what else you can use a binder for? A cleanse! Oh wait, you already knew that. Okay.

So the next time you find yourself wondering, “What else can I use a binder for?” Here's your answer – a lot more than you realize!

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