Defend Bundle

Biocidin®TS, Olivirex®


Bolster your defenses when your body needs it.

Looking for a way to support your immune health? Plants are a fantastic choice – and so is our Defense Bundle! Uniquely suited to provide support during times of stress, these products feature exclusive formulas that deliver the synergy of plant power. Plants have an innate capacity to protect themselves – no wonder we turn to botanicals to bolster our defenses when we need to!

Biocidin®TS  is our patented throat spray, offering clear clinical support for a healthy immune response.*

Olivirex® combines olive leaf, select botanicals, and adaptogenic herbs to support microbial and immune balance.*

For maintaining seasonal wellness, use Olivirex® in combination with Biocidin®TS Throat Spray.*

  • Biocidin® TS – An easy-to-use throat spray that contains our proprietary Biocidin® botanical blend.
  • Olivirex® – High-potency olive leaf formula with an additional synergistic blend of botanicals. 

Biocidin®TS Benefits

  • Primes salivary defenses through the secretion of SIgA* 
  • Immunomodulatory activity*
  • Promotes daily wellness*
  • Supports health in the upper respiratory tract*
  • Indispensable for seasonal support*
  • Upper respiratory support while traveling*

Olivirex® Benefits

  • Broad-spectrum support for addressing  unwanted microorganisms* 
  • Supports seasonal wellness, especially when combined with Biocidin®TS Throat Spray*    
  • Supports body comfort*
  • Activates drainage pathways through liver and kidneys to assist in detoxification*


Optimize Resilience. In the face of novel microbes, or if the body is weakened, we need to call in the troops. Humans have relied on plants for eons to balance and reinforce immune activity. To rouse the body’s vital force. To prime the immune pump for opposition. Together, the body and botanicals bolster defenses to co-create optimal resilience.


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