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Menopause, peptides for weight loss, fertility, hormones and more!
Listen to genuine, insightful, integrative medicine experts as they discuss these issues and offer straight talk, unique insights, and fresh strategies.

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Meet the speakers

Our experts will draw from their wealth of clinical and personal experiences, recognizing the daily challenges and societal expectations faced by women.

Tyna Moore, ND, DC
Carrie Jones, ND, FABNE, MPH
Pina LoGiudice, ND, LAc
Tia Trivisonno, ND, LAc
Julie Greenberg, ND
Jessica Tran, ND
Keri Anania, PA-C, MSPAS
Jocelyn Strand, ND (Moderator)
Maria Ackerman, CEO (Host)
Jill Carnahan, MD

Women’s health from a natural point of view.

Who is the Summit for?

Day 1 is for Health Professionals

Day 2 is for Everyone!

What 2023 attendees had to say ...

"All presenters are fabulous and incredibly knowledgeable!"

- Christine B.

"Agree ... Presentation is amazing! Great information to make all of us better clinicians. I am grateful for this gut summit."

- Fatmata K.

"This was just the best info, well presented, informational and exciting even for adult population."

- Deneen G.

"This has been so incredibly helpful and insightful today!!"

- Linda M.

"Yes, thank you so much. This cutting edge information is invaluable. So grateful!"

- Charlene R.

"I appreciate all the perspectives and honesty. There are so many angles to consider and this discussion has helped bring so much to light."

- Suzanne B.

"I know others have said this, but I really appreciate this discussion."

- Catherine A.

"Thank you. Great presentation. Exciting studies."

- Kimberly O.


Day 1: For Health Professionals | Day 2: For everyone!