It’s never been a better time for your well-being to matter most.

Biocidin® Wellness Kit

Biocidin® Throat Spray

Broad-Spectrum botanicals help maintain healthy respiration


High-potency Olive leaf extract provides additional wellness defense


Broad-Spectrum systemic support for balanced microbial ecology

Bio-Botanical Research Wellness Kit

Synergistic combinations of botanicals are a natural way to support the system.

The Biocidin® Wellness Kit includes these high-grade botanicals.


Olive Leaf




"I designed the Biocidin® Wellness Kit to be a convenient way to use these trusted and powerful formulas, and as a natural way to support your system."

— Dr. Rachel FrescoFormulator and CEO

For more than 30 years
Bio-Botanical Research®, Inc. continues to be recognized as a leader in the field of botanical supplements.