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Product FAQ

Bio-Botanical Research does not provide medical advice. All product information should be evaluated by your practitioner prior to use. Practitioners can contact info@biocidin.com for clinical consultation information.

Product & Ingredient Questions

No. All of our products are gluten-free and free of most common allergens and artificial ingredients. Our Biocidin LSF contains sunflower phospholipid instead of soy. It is stabilized into the optimal nano-particulate size range for absorption with a small amount of Tocophersolan, a Vitamin E analog. Safety data exists for Tocophersolan at 300 times the amount consumed within our products. The ethanol alcohol portion of the products is derived from potatoes, but ethanol alcohol does not contain residual starch, sugar, proteins or peptides. Our probiotic does not contain dairy.

The Biocidin Liquid, Biocidin LSF, Biocidin Capsules, Biocidin TS, Dentalcidin, and Dentalcidin LS all contain Black Walnut Hull, which may contain trace amounts of the Black Walnut nut protein. Therefore, these products would not be suitable for use by those with severe nut allergies, as determined by their healthcare provider.

All of the products are vegan, with the exception of the Dentalcidin toothpaste which contains the bee product Royal Jelly.

All of our products are GMO-free. Our ingredient sources are organic or wildcrafted whenever possible.

The herbs in all of the products are from European and U.S. sources, except for the those in the Biotonic formula which are from China. The Chinese herbs are certified organic and rigorously tested for any impurities. All of the herbs are processed in California at a cGMP facility.

Vegetarian cellulose capsules are used for all products that come in capsule form. The cellulose is sourced from poplar and pine trees (HPMC), and as such may not be suitable for anyone with a severe poplar or pine tree allergy. The capsules used for the Biocidin also contain a small amount of titanium dioxide, which gives them their opaque white color.

Yes, because clays (and microcrystalline Zeolite powders) are formed around an aluminum core. Some other common aluminum-containing clay powders are bentonite, kaolinite, and montmorillonite. Every clay powder on Earth has a chemical “backbone” of metals in its structure. The important part to consider is the ratio of silica-to-alumina and their relative bioavailability from the Zeolite since they are not uniform across all sources. The crystalline structure, pore size, and amount of silicon present vary greatly in Zeolites, which makes each one operate differently. When there is more than 6 times the amount of silicon than there is aluminum, as in the Zeolite we use for G.I. Detox+, then it attracts heavy metals (and all cations) to the compound and does not leach them out. When the Zeolite is laden with an excess of silicon it creates a strong attraction for more metal minerals. Then we add additional highly bioavailable MMST Silica and other binders to the Zeolite creating an even stronger “pull”. It is virtually impossible for a human digestive tract to free the aluminum from the Zeolite we use, so there is no potential for aluminum absorption into the body from the G.I. Detox+. Our Zeolite powder is rigorously tested for any impurity by a third party, prior to inclusion in G.I. Detox+ capsules at a cGMP facility.

The products have a manufacturing date printed on them (“MFG” followed by a date). Although the product may not have an expiration date, it is recommended to replace the product three years after the printed manufacturing date.

In order to sell Dentalcidin we had to use a preservative to prove shelf stability until the Shelf Stability Study was complete. Considered a mild irritant at full strength, sodium benzoate was the safest of the stabilizer options. We used the lowest acceptable limit of sodium benzoate to stabilize our toothpaste. Safety data exists for sodium benzoate at thousands of times the amount present in a serving of Dentalcidin. Although sodium benzoate is commonly used as a food preservative, we still recommend spitting out our toothpaste after brushing, instead of swallowing it. Once the Shelf Stability Study was complete, we were able to remove the sodium benzoate from the Dentalcidin toothpaste.

No. SLS commonly refers to Sodium lauryl (or laureth) sulfate, a common surfactant additive. In our toothpaste we use Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, an amino acid derivative surfactant that is considered a much safer alternative. It is classified as a low health hazard in the EWG database, International Journal of Toxicology, and the Green Chemical Handbook.

There are approximately 700 drops in each bottle of Biocidin Advanced Formula Liquid. There are approximately 100 servings in each bottle of Biocidin Liposomal Formula Liquid (each serving meaning 1 pump, equivalent to about 5 drops of the liquid formula). There are approximately 1950 drops in each bottle of Biotonic Adaptogenic Tonic.

Product Storage & Transport Questions

Do not allow product to freeze, or to remain in an area above 90oF (32oC) for a prolonged period of time. In transit, the products may be exposed for short periods to temperatures higher or lower than recommended for storage, and this is not typically a problem.

Storing the products upright in a cool, dark place is ideal. They should be kept out of direct sunlight. There is no need to refrigerate the products, however the Liposomal Biocidin does contain oils that may keep longer if refrigerated after opening.

Not when it will be consumed within a day. However, it is helpful to store the mixture in a lidded container to protect from dust and spills. If more diluted mixture is made than will be consumed in one day, then it should be refrigerated, and replaced at least every several days.

When carrying Biocidin LSF, be sure to engage the pump locking mechanism by turning the top to the left until it won’t depress. For the regular liquid make sure the neck of the bottle is clean by wiping the threads off. It’s best to place the liquid products in a plastic bag while traveling, and to keep them upright as best as possible, to prevent leakage.

General Product Usage Questions

Nutritional supplements such as the herbal products made by Bio-Botanical Research are not meant to treat or “cure” any kind of disease or medical condition. The purpose of broad-spectrum nutritional supplements is to support the body to heal itself. These supplements are formulated to provide nutritional support.* For best results, contact an integrative healthcare provider, naturopath, or other practitioner familiar with nutritional and herbal treatment protocols.**

Although not ideal, you can take it with a full stomach. A little extra may be taken, to compensate for the hindered absorption. Please consult your practitioner for specific amounts. Taking Biocidin 20-30 minutes prior to eating helps to maximize absorption, and is strongly suggested.

It’s very important to wait an hour or more, until the stomach has emptied, to take the G.I. Detox+. It is also advisable to wait another full hour, after taking G.I. Detox+, before eating or drinking anything other than water. This helps to ensure that the G.I. Detox+ is absorbing the products of pathogenic die-off and biofilm breakdown, and not food nutrients, supplements, or medications. The only time it’s beneficial to take the G.I. Detox+ with a full stomach is when food poisoning or ingestion of an ingredient that has caused a reaction (like MSG or sulfites) is suspected.

Research supporting the use of the active ingredients in the products in the amounts listed in the product Usage Guide has shown no significant reduction in beneficial gut flora. The use of a high-quality probiotic supplement like Proflora 4R during the protocol is still highly recommended, as it will help to out-compete any pathogens and support the normal proliferation of healthy gut flora during the protocol.

Most probiotics should be taken a minimum of two hours after a dose of Biocidin, Olivirex, or G.I. Detox+. Taking probiotics before bed is preferable, if possible, to give them maximum proliferation time without food or supplement interference. Proflora 4R does not need to be taken apart from Biocidin, but should still be taken at least one hour apart from any Olivirex or G.I. Detox+.

Due to reports of GI tract upset while combining the two, we do not recommend taking grapefruit seed extract while following a Biocidin protocol.

Under the supervision of your healthcare practitioner, you can take the Biocidin for 4-6 weeks for an annual or semi-annual cleanse. G.I. Detox+ and Proflora 4R are highly recommended along with Biocidin, to support this periodic GI cleansing.

Many healthcare professionals use Biocidin and our other formulations as part of a program to support healthy intestinal ecology. Please consult your practitioner for a protocol specific to you.

Biocidin and our other formulations are often used as part of a program to support people with Lyme or Lyme co-infections. Research has indicated that botanicals may be a valuable addition for those with Lyme. Please contact questions@biocidin.com for a practitioner referral list.

Biocidin and Olivirex should generally be taken an hour apart from antibiotic drugs to avoid stomach upset. These herbal products are generally very safe and can actually support the body in its healing when used along with antibiotics. G.I. Detox+ should always be taken a minimum of one hour away from any medications. Be sure to read the product insert for the drug in question to see which herbs are contraindicated, if any.

Antibiotics are important drugs that are often very helpful and are a valid treatment option. We do not suggest that you stop taking a prescribed antibiotic drug unless directed to do so by a qualified medical professional. If you use natural methods instead of antibiotic drugs to support the healing of an infection, being under the supervision of a qualified health care provider is crucial.

*Please note that all questions regarding the safe use of these products in cases of pregnant or breastfeeding patients, patients with suspected or verified ingredient allergies, fecal transplant patients, pre-surgical patients, children, and elderly or sensitive patients and clients must be directed to the supervising healthcare practitioner, to be evaluated on an individual basis. We offer online and telephone retail purchase options as a service to practitioners who don’t want to stock our products in their office/practice. This means that our customer service team can only consult with your practitioner in response to your specific product usage questions.

**If you are not already working with a practitioner, please contact questions@biocidin.com to request a current list of practitioner referrals, including a low-cost telephone consultation option.


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The Comprehensive Cleansing Program

In Functional Medicine, the 4 R’s of balancing microbiome ecology in the G.I. tract is considered the foundation to establishing overall health. Our Comprehensive Cleansing Program™ addresses the 4 R’s with specialized and synergistic formulations to provide a clinically effective, easy to use program.

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