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Complete Broad-Spectrum Nutritional Support

Comprehensive Cleansing Program w/ Biocidin® LSF

Liposomal Formula
Conveniently Packaged in an 11-Item Kit for a Two Month* Supply
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    Remove. Replace. Restore. Repair.

    In Functional Medicine, the 4 R’s of balancing microbiome ecology in the G.I. tract is considered the foundation to establishing overall health. Our Comprehensive Cleansing Program™  addresses the 4 R’s with specialized and synergistic formulations to provide a clinically effective, easy to use program.

    Typically a minimum of 2 months use of our formulations, along with a healthy diet is recommended to address microbial imbalances and restore intestinal ecology. Our Comprehensive Cleansing Program is easy to administer, and is a 15% savings over the total cost of the individual products.

    Program Includes

    2 Biocidin® LSF 50 ml liquid, 3 G.I. Detox™ 60 cap, 3 Olivirex® 60 cap, 2 Proflora®4R 30 caps, and 1 Biotonic™ 60 ml.

    • Biocidin® & Olivirex® Broad-spectrum professional grade botanical formulas for tough G.I. and systemic challenges
    • G.I. Detox™ Mops up toxins and removes them fast
    • Proflora®4R Heals and soothes the digestive system and provides beneficial flora
    • Biotonic™ Adaptogenic powerhouse herbs support energy and digestion
    *Two month supply at moderate usage level. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. (FDA) These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

    “My patient, a male age 46, had complaints of extreme fatigue and exhaustion for many years. Laboratory testing revealed severely inbalanced intestinal ecology. Within 90 days on Biocidin® my patient reported ‘I have achieved a level of health and vitality I have never before experienced in my entire life.’ ” –Dr. Kerry Alsop, D.C. Stockton, CA

    Broad-Spectrum Liposomal Formula

    Biocidin® LSF

    We are very excited to be able to offer Liposomal delivery of our broad-spectrum Biocidin® combination as specialized nutritional support. Physicians’ reports of reduction in pain and other symptoms in as little as 4-6 weeks of use have been very encouraging. Read more.

    Biocidin® LSF, Bio-Botanical Research

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